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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jane's Walk Twitter Account

Twitter is up and running, and can be found at 

Why connect with Twitter?  The greatest strength of Twitter is the instantaneous delivery of messages.  ‘Tweeters’  connect with subjects and individuals to gain a better understanding of personal interests.  And, as a supplement to expand the users social media space, hashtags allow users to access their interests across all of Twitter.  A hashtag is a simple way for people to search for a specific topic and join in conversations about topics.  #janeswalk is an example.

@janeswalksktoon is coordinated so that all #janeswalk hashtags will be
re-tweeted, providing a global dimension to the @janeswalksktoon timeline.  Every time someone posts a tweet containing #janeswalk it will be displayed on Saskatoon’s timeline.

Follow @janeswalksktoon and be informed of information directly connecting with your community. 

 There are tweets that mention the blog and Facebook page

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