Jane's Walk Saskatoon: May 1 to 3, 2015 - Meet Your City

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Small town oasis in an industrial desert- and the biggest garage sale in the city! (BICYLE TOUR)

MEET YOUR CITY ....... Montgomery Place is one of the last intact VLA (Veterans Land Allotment) neighbourhoods in Canada. People are drawn to the ½ acre lots and the small town atmosphere. Come check out the bargains at the giant annual garage sale the first week-end of May! The community is surrounded by industry- the landfill; a major inland grain elevator; a major gas compression station (which house a couple innovative energy sustainability projects); the confluence of both the CP and CN railway tracks; and the future new home for the City Yards where all the graders, snow ploughs, etc. will be stored and dispatched. Not to mention the Bus Barns which are moving from Caswell to south of Montgomery. Come along on a bike ride and see where your electricity comes from, your garbage goes, and how the goods and services you rely on are moved in and around the city whilst the residents of the community still manage to honour and commemorate our war veterans.

Your Leader:
Pat Lorje, will take you on a bicycle tour of the neighbourhood on the day of Saskatoon's biggest garage sale.

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