Jane's Walk Saskatoon: May 1 to 3, 2015 - Meet Your City

Friday, 11 April 2014

Urban agriculture exploration- producing delicious food in our backyards!

Meet Your CITY....Meet people devoted to growing good food in King George & Holiday Park- neighbourhoods where food has been grown & produced for over a 100 years.  Come and go to 4 different sites as you wish.  Or, start at 1:00 pm in Victoria Park at the King George & Riversdale Community Garden at 16th St/Spadina St. West and Avenue H South. There you’ll join community gardeners in a work bee & learn what to plant in early May at a gardener-led workshop.  Explore a backyard full of charming surprises at 725 Avenue I South. Then head by bike or car to Holiday Park where you’ll tour a backyard filled with greenhouses at 1245 Avenue O South.  Then over a few streets at 1314 N South you can meet SPIN Farmers and see how they’ve transformed a garage for superb vegetable storage and micro green growing, and a backyard into an oasis of lucrative vegetables. 

Walk Leader: Rusty Chartier

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