Jane's Walk Saskatoon: May 1 to 3, 2015 - Meet Your City

Friday, 18 April 2014

Walking Into Homelessness – Where you gonna sleep?

MEET YOUR CITY ... ... Starting at on the riverbank just below the farmer’s market, this walk will highlight the fact that some people in Saskatoon have nowhere to sleep at night.  Walking through the park, under bridges past empty doorways and ATM vestibules, through back alleys, across to a local overnight shelter the walk will share facts and ideas about being homeless in Saskatoon.  Where do you find a safe place to sleep when the alternatives are slim?  What leads people to become homeless and live on the streets seeking shelter wherever they can find? In September 2012 there were over 300 people in our city who had no permanent place to live – a number of those people had been homeless for a long time. This Jane's walk will highlight the "walk into homelessness" and help participants come to understand how some people in Saskatoon can find themselves without shelter.

Tour Leaders:
Jordon Cooper and Shan Landry


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